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    hi i remember you
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    hey lol i remember that name u had like a sky blue rank too
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    Same lol, now i'm in the united states army for 3 years, and i just graduated sniper school lmao
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    Same, just logged on been a hot minute time flies holy
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    Why is my name nohaxjustjambo i actually have no idea what 10 year old me was thinking **** me
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    Eyup lads, how we all doing?
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    bruuuhh.. i just randomly logged on to this forum after 6 years? why is that time of my life such a blur omg this is crazy. hope...
  • banana616
    Hi I've played almost all the parkour levels and set checkpoints in most of them but when going on today none of the checkpoints are set...
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    The 500 people who don't come back to these forums yearly to remember the good ol' days:
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    False; life is cyclical Next person has fuzzies between their toes from socks but didn't notice until now cuz of this message