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Survival 1.3 Update! Full 1.16 Support, New Interfaces, Collection Log And More!


The update that many of you have been awaiting is finally out! Enjoy Survival fully updated to support 1.16 with a new Nether & End plus brand new features such as The Collection Log! Full change-log below:
- Updated Survival to Minecraft 1.16.5! Yes! That means that ALL MINECRAFT 1.15 & 1.16 ITEMS, MOBS, ENCHANTMENTS, CRAFTING RECIPES AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS NOW POSSIBLE TO OBTAIN ON SURVIVAL! We have also reset both The Nether and The End so you can explore the beauties (and perils) of the new 1.16 Nether!
- Added brand new Survival Menu interfaces, containing easy and player-friendly access to all our server commands, help and features! You can access this from the Survival menu compass (given to all new players by default and toggle-able via the settings interface) or by doing /menu
- Added The Collection Log! This new menu records every single unique item you have obtained whilst exploring Edafos, so you easily can track your progress and view all possible items left to obtain! There's a special reward for filling the entire log, do you think you can do it? You can access this from the Survival menu or by doing /log
- Added a new Bosses information interface, displaying the current status, location and kill-count of all current bosses & mini-bosses, as well as sub-menus to view all possible unique drops! You can access this from the Survival menu or by doing /bosses
- Changed the Estate Agent to a new Profile Upgrades system, allowing you to buy VIP perks using in-game wealth & achievements without having to have a VIP rank! You can now purchase up to 3000 extra claim blocks using your Golden Sol, with more upgrades coming soon!
- Added new hidden loot chests around Edafos, can you find them all?
- Added a new information scoreboard on the right side of the screen. This can be toggled at any time from the settings interface
- Added new attacks to some bosses, watch out for those!
- Reworked the player trade interface and added the option to send a trade request to any player by shift+right clicking them.
- Buffed a few early game Guild Tasks rewards.
- Added new /home & /warps interfaces, with some extra Edafosian lore if you unlocked the respective boss warps.
- Career+ can now remotely open the Auction House with /ah and sell items with /ah sell as a replacement for the removed /pweather perk.
- Reworked several existing interfaces such as the Magic Shop, Zuko's dragon imbues, etc.
- Reworked the fishing loot table (Don't worry, Siren pearls can still be obtained at same rate!)
- Several bug fixes & other minor improvements
Enjoy, and remember to report any bugs if encountered!
~Happy-Hg Staff Team