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Survival 1.2 Update!

There’s been a new survival update! The full list is included down below! We hope you enjoy!

- Added Mithril Armor! From now on, the Lava Titan Helios will have a chance to drop Mithril Ingots on death, which you can use to craft the legendary Mithril Armor which is a brand new armor set better than diamond armor and with a new set effect! However, you will first need to learn how to craft it by talking to the Master Smith at Edafos, who will only teach this ancient recipe to players who mastered the Repair skill!
- Added Siren Pearls as an uncommon drop from Fishing. They can be traded with Merissa the Siren at Edafos for some cool new rewards and XP!
- Added a set effect to the Dragon Armor
- Azzanadra boss fight balancing changes:
- Swords now deal 75% less damage and bows now deal 50% more damage to Azzanadra
- The Zaros Godsword has been buffed. It now has Sharpness VII and the special attack does double damage
- Azzanadra's drop table has been buffed.
- Added Fire Elemental Cores as a new rare drop from the Fire Elemental, which can be traded with Zuko at the Wizard's Tower for the legendary Imbued Dragon Armor, which has new very powerful set effects!

- Added a Trade System! Trade with other players with /trade
- Removed Combat level as per player's request. Now your highest combat skill will be taken in mind for the requirements of the Combat Guild Tasks, making them easier to access!
- Chopping stripped logs now grant 10% more Woodcutting XP
- Added even more Loot Chests to Edafos. Over 200 so far and more to come!
- Added special messages when you get an unique drop from a Boss or Mini-Boss
- Added a Boss Kill-Count tracker so you can view how many times you killed each boss (and the total amount of bosses) every time you kill a boss or you hover over anyone's name
- Shulker boxes now show the full contents in the item lore in order to avoid Auction House/Trade scamming.
- You can now Repair and Salvage Crossbows, Shields, Elytras and Chain Armor at the respective McMMO Repair and Salvage Anvils per player suggestion.
- Added a bunch of new NPCs and Shops around Edafos and more to come soon!
- Other minor bug and balancing fixes.

We hope you enjoy and apologizes for the little delay!
~ Happy-Hg Staff Team