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  1. Zainos

    Invalid Level 37

    Looks like its more a ping related issue than a bug. The level has no issues, but if your connection to the server isn't optimal, you may experience similar issues like the one you are reporting due to how redstone works server -> client wise. Let me know if you are still experiencing issues
  2. Zainos

    Winter Parkour Update! 3 New Parkours + More!

    Three new amazing Parkours have been released in the server, adding up to a total of 100! They will all be available for everyone after the Parkour Pass pre-release week is over! We also added a small cosmetic reward for the truly skilled players who have completed every single parkour challenge...
  3. Zainos

    [Ended] Panem Giveaway + 50% Off Flash Sale + 2 New Parkours!

    In order to celebrate the beginning of summer, we are giving away the ultimate PANEM RANK! With this rank you will be able to access our most recent VIP Parkours such as Minecart and Gridlock, plus 100s of more perks! How to enter? Follow the instructions at our social medias; enter in all of...
  4. Zainos

    Rank Upgrade

    Try now
  5. Zainos

    Didn't Get Rank Perks

    It's because you haven't joined the kit pvp server ever before you got ur rank, fixed!
  6. Zainos

    Survival 1.3 Update! Full 1.16 Support, New Interfaces, Collection Log And More!

    ‌‌ ‌‌ The update that many of you have been awaiting is finally out! Enjoy Survival fully updated to support 1.16 with a new Nether & End plus brand new features such as The Collection Log! Full change-log below: ‌‌ - Updated Survival to Minecraft 1.16.5! Yes! That means that ALL MINECRAFT 1.15...
  7. Zainos

    Fixed Level 51

  8. Zainos

    Rank Upgrade

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  9. Zainos

    miss u Jam <3

    miss u Jam <3
  10. Zainos

    Winter Parkour Update! 4 New Parkours + New Lobby With Over 20 Hidden Parkours!

    Our amazing Happy-HG Build Team has been working hard to bring you brand new parkours that will add hours of fun to your parkour experience! ‌‌ Time Parkour - Being one of the longest and most ambitious parkours ever made in the server, grab your time machine get ready for a true adventure...
  11. Zainos

    Yo What

    Hey, I just checked the database and it seems you actually purchased two parkour pass subscriptions last month, with one hour time window between both. Don't worry tho, I already fixed it for you and cancelled one subscription, plus refunded all payments done from the duplicate one. In the...
  12. Zainos

    Summer Update! New Maps And More!

    Draw It Update - Brand new map! Lunar New Year by Chqrli! ‌‌ ‌‌ - OVER 1200 NEW WORDS HAVE BEEN ADDED! From easy to hard difficulty, we have TRIPLED the amount of words you may get to draw in the game, plus we removed some very hard ones that weren't fit for the game-mode type. - Shortened...
  13. Zainos

    Invalid Minecart Fishing Rod Phase Glitch

    This is not a server bug, but a bug with Minecraft itself. You can report Minecraft bugs at
  14. Zainos

    Fixed On Spectator Mode When I Enter Skyblock

    Fixed, apologies for the inconvenience!
  15. Zainos

    Lifetime Parkour Pass giveaway!

    Giveaway Time! Today we will be giving away four LIFETIME Parkour ALL Pass memberships, one on each of our Social Medias (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Discord)! How to enter? Follow the instructions on our social medias below, enter in all of them for more chances to win! Good luck! ‌‌ ‌‌-...
  16. Zainos

    knock knock

  17. Zainos

    Fixed I Lost My Shulker Box

    The bug is fixed now but yeah there was an issue that affected a few players when placing Shulker boxes in certain places for a short period of time. Most of the lost ones have been reimbursed already but if you also lost one lmk about the contents and I'll happily give them back :)
  18. Zainos

    Fixed I Lost My Shulker Box

    What were the contents of the shulker box?
  19. Zainos

    We all know you just did this to flex your new rank

    We all know you just did this to flex your new rank
  20. Zainos

    deez cord

    deez cord
  21. Zainos

    Survival Update 1.1 + Panem Giveaway!

    Hope everyone is enjoying Happy-HG Survival as much as we do! Read below to see all the changes and new additions of the last update of the year! ‌‌ - Added an AUCTION HOUSE! Sell your valuable stuff or buy useful items from other players using Golden Sol at /warp ah - Added a new Estate Agent...
  22. Zainos

    Merry Christmas everyone!! If you haven't already, join our Discord...

    Merry Christmas everyone!! If you haven't already, join our Discord! :)
  23. Zainos

    Survival VIP Perks are out + 2 New Parkours!

    The long awaited Survival VIP perks are finally here! If you are enjoying Happy-HG Survival and wish to support the server, feel free to get a rank at and obtain all the perks below: ‌‌ Member: - Access to set a maximum of 2 Homes! Set them by doing /sethome...
  24. Zainos

    3 years off the server

    DissolvingSoap please don't revive dead threads. You can only get banned if you break our server rules. In the case of both of you (as seen when you try to log in since it always shows the ban reason whenever you try to log-in to the server) its Advertising a Server IP. Fortunately, since we...
  25. Zainos

    Fixed Level 48 is IMPOSSIBLE

    Sorry, a small change we added yesterday to the level bugged the pressure plates, but it's fixed now.