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Fixed Survival Guild Bug


Well-Known Member
In game name: ChildMusher69
When I discovered the bug: 7:57 PM CDT 10/17/2019
The Bug:
The guild quest for acrobatics 750 has the reward of "Staff of the Winds." It is an enchanted bamboo with knockback 5 and it can boost you forward if you right click with it.
Right before the bug happened, I was turning in the herbalism 200 quest. One of the requirements was 128 bamboo. I brought the other requirements as well as the 128 bamboo. When I turned in my quest, it consumed 127 of the normal bamboo, as well as my staff, leaving me with 1 regular bamboo. My staff was gone and there is currently no way to get it back.
Server: Survival

If there is any way I can get the staff back, that would be nice because I use the staff extremely often.