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Declined "SpongeBob" A Map Built By PandasCreativeMC

Discussion in 'Maps and worlds' started by PandasCreativeMC, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. PandasCreativeMC

    PandasCreativeMC New Member

    Aug 2, 2019
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    This Parkour Is Located At my 5th plot /p v 5 PandasCreativeMC. The Difficulty Is Hard And the Length Is Long. I have made 6 Checkpoints Around the map. The Beginning of This Parkour is at The medium sized open Rock which is Patricks house. You play as the role Patrick Star, As funny as he is, He is not the brightest in the head. In The parkour you are trying to figure out where SpongeBob is. After trying to go to the Krusty Crab You fall into a big hole which is a dropper. there are many 4 block jumps and some fun extra parts In the map. You always end up in the wrong place because your playing as Patrick Star. You also break into Squid wards and SpongeBobs houses because why not. It was very fun building this parkour map and I think It can do better than just sit in my plot, It can become a real parkour map in parkour.

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  2. Trenly

    Trenly Admin and HHGN Build Team Leader Admin

    May 20, 2014
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    Thank you for you submission. I took a look at this map in game, and here is my review.

    Overall, it is just a bit too plain. While the idea itself is a bit unique, the layout of the parkour leaves a lot to be desired. The map itself has very little detail, and seems a bit cramped. If there were a way to also incorporate the jumps into the theme a bit more, or use nicer platforms than just stonebrick slabs on an iron bar it could possibly be improved a little bit. However, I don't believe this server is the right fit for this map. I am sorry, but your map has been declined.

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