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Fixed I Lost My Shulker Box


New Member
I was playing survival and I attempted to place my shulker box only to then be told i tried places on a claimed piece of land (My Friends land that he claimed as a troll right outside my housee), I then lost the shulker box and now dont have it. I had just spent 27 sol on it and was hoping to be able to use it for atleast an hour.


New Member
I didnt have anything in the shulker box but i had just bought it for 27 sol and was planing on using it for exploring
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Owner, Founder and Lead Developer
Staff Manager
How do you get a skulker box back after you place it on claimed land? This was the case for me.
The bug is fixed now but yeah there was an issue that affected a few players when placing Shulker boxes in certain places for a short period of time. Most of the lost ones have been reimbursed already but if you also lost one lmk about the contents and I'll happily give them back :)