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Fixed Glitched out in the nether when entering portal?


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So, I wanted to go to the nether to get some brown and red mushrooms so that I could do my quest, but when I stepped through the portal, I ended up on top of the nether, where as I died within 1 second due to some weird damaging thingy, and there I lost all my stuff, I tried to go back and look for my stuff to see if they were still there, but they were just gone, this was really unexpected, so I didn't take a ss of my items or anything, but I have a ss of me dying there, I do remember exactly wich items I had there, and I will list them down below, Idk if ur gonna believe me, but yeah, please fix.. xD

Full god set- from armor to gear.
My special edition pickaxe with a custom prefix saying "Pigy's special Pickaxe" with bold, and colored "Pigy's- with pink, Special- is with lightblue, Pickaxe- is with light green. The pickaxe's enchants was pretty much a god pickaxe, but with Silktouch AND fortune III. It doesn't really do any difference, but that's what made it special...

I did not wear the God bow tho! I was wearing that Zainos's bow thingy, that you can get as a drop from the treasure hunter chest.

I was at EXP lvl 162.

And that's about it, I don't remember having anything else.


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I literally only had like 2 seconds to react, maybe not even, and then I just died from nothing, idek.