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Fixed Doors and stuff


New Member
So I was working on this mansion I started building on my plot. The thing was.....I kept lagging around. Like I would place down a bunch of quartz blocks, then suddenly, I'd go back a few blocks and either the quartz would be gone, or it would remove the block below (annoying since I was using a LOT of quartz and on occasion I would go backwards for a bit).
Then when I'd finally finished the floor of the entrance and started adding double dark oak doors,
I noticed that the doors would either look half open and half closed (even though they were completely closed) and I couldn't make double doors, only single doors next to each other.
I'd noticed the same with the jungle doors on my former treehouse (which I'd built about a year ago, then recently deleted to make the mansion) but thought nothing of it until this happened.
If i opened, then closed the doors, they would be normal...but only face one direction (as in, the handle was always on the left)
A bit annoying when building a grand build....and I definitely do not want any single doors.

(I have pictures but I'm not sur ehhow to make them jpg or pdf...but on the server if you go to the creative plot of xTheOrcunPower (me) you can see most of my doors are....wacko,)


There is a visual glitch with doors, fences, glass panes, iron bars, and a few other blocks. To avoid this, use 1.12.2