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  1. screppt
  2. DarkArrow132
    DarkArrow132 Zainos
    Have the top voters been announced yet for this month? I don't have discord so I can't check there. So could some1 comment the top 3 voters? I want to see if I was actually second. I wrote this here cuz I didn't know what label I would put it under in the forums
    1. DarkArrow132
      10/16 edit: Bruhhh still don't have my peacekeeper its been 16 DAYSSSSS
      Oct 16, 2021
  3. DarkArrow132
    (Add on to old comment (last one)) Great Server Zainos I love it so much and will continue playing it as much as possible!
  4. DarkArrow132
    (Add on to old comment) So Don't mistake me for a new player, I have been playing this server for about 7 years now and absolutely LOVE IT!!
  5. DarkArrow132
    (Add on to old comment) but on this site his name is TTI123 because he still uses his old HHG account.
  6. DarkArrow132
    I had an old account and my name was TTI123, so my brother bought a new account and had the name be TTI_123 on MC
  7. DarkArrow132
    As some of you may notice I changed the color of my eyes. Like this comment if you like the black instead of red (red was the og color).
  8. Zelistra
    i actually figured out which email and password i used here, it's been that long, hi
  9. iSellCreditCards
    Bring back OG KitPvP (with the OITC kit)
  10. Bleachful
    waiting for my unban
  11. jallybee
    hey guys, it’s me again <3
  12. avery
  13. caca555
    Who wants more free and easy parkours? And points you get from beating parkours?
  14. evoon
    Jeez, I remember first joining this server mid 2014 when I was in 5th grade, now I'm starting college in a few months. Time flies.
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  15. biddie15
    Oh boy.. miss hanging out on this server.
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    2. biddie15
      May come on an reminisce someday soon. I spent many hours on here! Wonder how everyone is doing...
      May 12, 2021
  16. monica_ws
    started playing again :3
  17. Nophiera
    even if i never posted anything here i still want to cringe at this account
  18. Nophiera
    this server is really nostalgic
  19. rropann
    2021 and i've recovered from depression, be proud
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  20. infernoblaze333
  21. Viperstrike
    Hi <3
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  22. MysticMusician
  23. Zelistra
    Multiple people have predicted that the prediction game would reach 500 pages or 10,000 messages, I may or may not have been one of them...
  24. crybabyduke
  25. Dawsonas
    dead forums lol