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  1. crybabyduke
  2. crybabyduke
    my old statuses are so embarassing omg
  3. crybabyduke
    this is so 2016-2017 omg
  4. crybabyduke
  5. localthooter
    miss this place :(
  6. evoon
    miss this place and the old friends I had on here
  7. PrincessGrouch
    wtf im looking at posts from when i was like 11 on here this is embarrassing
  8. Om1210
    Don't use St. Ives Apricot Scrub
  9. bitterblender
  10. Blizzard
    I'm Blizzard610, I can't access my actually account rn
  11. cadbane86140
    Hello there!
  12. Bcat_
  13. justcharli
    im in the ghetto ratatatatat
  14. MaxiAwesome2014
    not bigoted
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  15. MaxiAwesome2014
  16. MaxiAwesome2014
    imagine being homofobe
  17. VictorBot
    VictorBot xNicole_
    hi nic
    1. xNicole_
      hi vic
      Jun 10, 2020
  18. xNicole_
    hi this feels like twitter and twitter makes me uncomfy :)
  19. VictorBot
  20. 1Aaron
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  21. 1Aaron
    1Aaron stinkysock101
    ill do it!
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    2. stinkysock101
      May 26, 2020
  22. Moldymilks
    Moldymilks Zainos
    Hey hope I'm not bothering you too much but would you like to hear a joke? It goes... Knock knock... Who's there?... Chicken... Chicken who?....Chicken butt!! Haha, just found it funny and thought I should share it with you. Anywho, I'll head out <3 Love- Moldy
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    2. stinkysock101
      Omg! Moldy, you are just too much! Now that is a joke if i've ever heard one before!! You prankster! Such a silly gal- Zainos is one lucky guy! ;) So so much love- Stinky <3
      May 26, 2020
  23. stinkysock101
    sub to stinkysock101 on twitch or im under your bed.
  24. Moldymilks
    Hey y'all! Just here to communicate with all you lovely friends! I am also a CEO founder and dedicated member to the Zainos fanclub <3
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  25. Moldymilks
    Moldymilks Zainos
    Hey sir! I know that we're really great friends and I cherish our blossoming friendship each and every day. People hate but its just jealousy. :) Something bad happened, but don't worry ! I'm sure it'll be sorted out! Much love- Moldy<3
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    3. 1Aaron
      wow, incredible, what respectable young women we have over here :D
      May 26, 2020
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    4. stinkysock101
      So the rumors are true- Moldymilks and Zainos are secret lovers! I have shipped you two for so long, i'm so delighted to see things come together for you all! I am so overjoyed and excited to see where things go! Congrats you love birds! Love- Stinky<3
      May 26, 2020
    5. Moldymilks
      Wow! Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the love. <3 P.S: Can I call you Zain.. Zainos? <3 <3 the most love a person could give - Moldy <3
      May 26, 2020
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